Funny Slogans on Indian Trucks

Funny Slogans on Indian Trucks

India is a country where you can easily find Humor. Be it  highways , traffic signals ; you may get your dose of humor by simply reading interesting truck slogan on the back of trucks. All truck’s in India have some quotations painted behind them, near the tail light. Some of the standard one’s are ” OK TATA”, “Horn Please”,” Hum Do Hamare Do”,” Mera Bharat Mahaan”, “Use Dipper at Night” etc. People write amazing things behind their trucks. Some are wacky, some naughty, some heart-touching, some inspirational, some literal quotes. However many of the them also have very innovative ones. These people write these messages either for entertainment or to look unique on roads.

During our market research study, Portflip team found many such funny slogans and we thought it would be fun to share it with our viewers as well……..We have compiled a list of some of these interesting and innovative funny quotes & slogan that you have seen,   and some may even be the best truck slogans in India.

1)  This one displays “Don’t trust girls” – Must be from some broken hearted soul who is warning others as well.

2) Most seen message “Horn Please” along with something whacky. “Dushmano ki Dil ki dhadkan – Raja” which translates in English as “Heartbeat of Enemies – Raja (Driver name).

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3) This photo has a typical Indian truck slogan that says “Samay se pehle bhagya se zyada kabhi nahi milta”, which means that we never get anything before time and it will never be more than what is in our luck. It also mentions typical Indian truck lines — speed 40 kilometers per hour, use dipper at night, wait for side, all India permit, horn please, etc.

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4) This one displays religious message “Jai Tulja Bhawani”, “Aaai Vadilancha aashirwad (which means in english Mother-Father Blessings), Horn Please and finally a “Jai Maharashtra” message.

5) Now a romantic one…this one say “No Love, No Kiss, Only for Marriage” which shows commitment of the driver.

6) This message is inspired by fuel price increase… says“Zara kam pi meri rani, bahut mehengaa hai Iraq ka pani” –  Drink less fuel my queen, Iraq’s water is very costly.

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7) The first thing that catches attention is the beautiful Art work on the truck. Its such a refreshing treat for the eyes…contrasting color and a superb theme makes you actually slow down and admire the beautiful artwork. It also displays a timeless quote that says “Samay se pehle bhagya se zyada kabhi nahi milta”, which means that we never get anything before time and it will never be more than what is in our luck. Also  displays “Maa ka Aashirwad” which means “Mothers Blessings”.

8) Now this is one message which conveys the pity state of drivers. It says Ae Maalik kyon banaya gaadi banane waale ko, ghar se beghar kar diya gaadi challane waale ko“which translates in english as “Oh God, why did you created the ones who make these vehicles, they have made the person driving the vehicle homeless” (as they are always on trips so they have no option then to stay away from home.

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9) This one displays five messages which start with a beautiful artwork of a lady waiting for her husband/lover to come back home “Ghar kab aaoge” (when will you come home?). Other common messages are “Horn OK”, “Buri nazar waale tera muh kaala”,”Use dipper at night”, “Dil ki Dhadkan” (Heart’s Beat).

10) This one displays five messages  “Blow Horn”, “Buri nazar waale tera muh kaala”,”Wait for side”, “Maa ki mamta”, “Trust in God”.

11) This one displays message “maalik mahan hai magar chamcho se sanjay pareshaan hai” which means “Boss is great but stressed by sycophants”. Also displays “Use Dipper at night” message.

12)Apart from the common messages this one displays two creative messages – one romantic one which says “Dil tera Aashique”(My heart’s your lover) & “Parivaar ki Laadli” (Family’s sweetheart).

13) “Buri nazar wale, tu sau saal jiye, tere bacche daru pi pi ke mare” – You, the one with ill thoughts, may you live for hundred years, and your children die drinking cheap country liquor.

14) Now this dump truck displays a happy working attitude “I love a good dump”.

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15) This one displays drive carefully message “Dheere chaloge toh sau baar milenge, Tej chaloge toh haridwar milenge” which means “If tyou drive slowly we will meet hundred times, but if you drive fast we will meet at pilgrimage”.

16) Instead of use “Dipper” at night, this truck driver gives a dual message for mothers that use “diaper” at night….now we seriously don’t know whether this is actually a message for mothers OR simply a spelling error….but whatever the case, it sure is funny.

17) This truck displays a shaayri “Keechad mein parh rakhogi toh dhona padega, driver se shaadi karogi toh rona padega“(If you step in mud, you need to wash your feet and if you marry a driver then you have to cry”.

18) The following Indian truck slogan is just too much. The Hindi words “Has mat pagli pyaar ho jaaega” mean “Don’t smile baby. I will fall in love with you.”.

19)This one means serious business – No Girl friend, No Tension

20) Three messages – “Maa ka Aashirwad” (Mothers blessings), “Ghar kab Aaoge“(When will you return home), “Ram yug mein doodh mila krishna yug mein ghee, Iss yug mein daaru mili khoob dabakar pee” (At the time of God Ram you get Milk, at time of God Krishna you get butter, And during these times you get lot of liquor, so drink to your fullest”).

21)Message says “Latak mat, patak dungi” which means “Don’t swing I will throw you…” so people interested in getting free rides simply beware…u might reach the hospital.

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22) Watch out for the driver’s finger as the Horn is broke…err…what??

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23) This one shows the life of Master & Driver. “Maalik ki zindagi bread aur cake par, Driver ki zindagi steering aur brake par” which means that Master lives on Bread and Cake & Driver lives on steering and Brake.

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24) This one displays a nice shaayri….

“Bekhudi ki zindagi hum jiya nahi karte, Jaam dusaro se cheen kar hum piya nahi karte”

“Tumko aage nikalna hai th nikal jaao, Peecha hum bhi kisi ka kiya nahi karte”

It means that we don’t live a selfish life, we don’t snatch drink from others’, if you wish to go ahead please do, we don’t follow others”.

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25) Wow, hope the load on this truck is insured!!

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Ha Ha Ha……There are many more interesting ones….we will keep on adding as we continue with our journey ahead. Hope you enjoyed reading these as much as we enjoyed collecting them for you……thank you for time……

Till then  –   “Fir Milenge”     – (We will meet again 🙂

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