Logistics Industry

Logistics Industry

Logistics is a $120 billion industry in India that has been run in traditional inefficient ways. 75% of the transporters in India have less than 5 vehicles and they have no access to the large demand around them. And for a consumer, it’s hard to know which transporter is reliable.

Transportation was an expensive affair before players like Ola and Uber. They removed the middlemen and directly connected the demand with supply. Logistics needed a similar model. It’s an unregulated market and the quality of transport is not assured. It is only a price game that everyone works on here in India.

This inefficiency triggered the launch of Portflip, a marketplace for logistics, which connects customers with commercial vehicles for quick and effortless goods transportation. We are a tech enabled service provider focusing on premium services– transparent pricing, truck tracking and auto notification alerts etc at very competitive prices.

Portflip which is a Navi Mumbai-based company offers features such as real time tracking and auto notification, digital trips logs (km travelled, login logoff time, route replays etc) and transparent pricing with all legal and other documents. Traditional transporters capture trip logs (like km travelled, reporting and closing time etc) manually whereas all these are captured digitally on our platform, providing a more transparent and accountable service to our customers.

All vehicles at Portflip platform are equipped with a smartphone installed with Portflip’s in-house developed mobile app. The app helps by providing real time tracking updates and assists in scheduling the fleet in the best possible manner based on parameters like distance, SLA, etc.

Portflip is organizing a massive disorganized market: mini-truck drivers. Our technology is easily used by both consumers and by truck owner/drivers, making it simpler for consumers to move goods or household possessions around a city. Portflip aims to create an enterprise which provides an efficient, sustainable and reliable solution to the customer.

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