Moving into a New House – Tips for you!

Moving into a New House – Tips for you!

Moving is far from a pleasant activity nowadays, and a lot of people avoid relocation because they fear the stress that will come along the way. The fact is that a poorly planned move will indeed be a nightmare, but a well planned one won’t be bad at all. There are some steps you can take to make your move less stressful, but most people don’t take the time to research ahead of time.


Luckily, you’re here and ready to make your move a lot easier. Follow the steps below to keep your dream of a new home away from nightmare territory.

Start Early – Packing

The first thing I would say is to begin planning ahead by a couple months. Start putting away some extra cash for the expense.  Moving is not cheap, even if you handle all the labor yourself. When you move into a new place, there are tons of fees like your new rent payment and deposit as well as all the other deposits required for the electric, gas, and internet companies. And if you’re not doing all the labor yourself, consider the cost of your movers and rental truck. Start your research of moving labor and trucks early so you can budget enough to get it all done.

Another thing you can start about a month in advance is packing prep. Think of the materials you’ll need – boxes, paper/cloths/peanuts used to keep breakables safe, markers for labeling, packing tape, etc. Plot out how you will pack and organize your things. Packing things up according to rooms is a great way to organize. Box and label. No matter how big or small of a place you have, it always seems to take longer than you think. So give yourself time and invite a friend or two to help! Crank the music and get started. As you begin packing and organizing, you’ll probably run across things you haven’t used in a year (or five). If you can let go of these things, you just have that much less to pack and carry! Moving is a great time to purge.

Make sure to label everything as you pack it. This will improve your unpacking when you get to the new place because you will know just where to put all of the boxes and what is in each of them. If you hire movers to help you on your relocation day (which is highly recommended), you will want to have proper labels so they can most effectively assist you in the move. Using clear plastic boxes will help a lot, but that can be expensive over time. Just write on the outside of ht boxes with a permanent marker, and consider getting coloured stickers to put on boxes to group each room. Make the living room orange, the bedroom yellow, etc.

Once you do have a new house to go to, start packing as soon as you can. The earlier you can prepare for relocation, the better.

Unexpected costs

Once you figure out how many movers and what size truck you’ll need, you can begin to think about all the other costs that are often after thoughts! For instance, make sure to ask your mover what kind of fees they charge for insurance, packing materials, and other fees for flights of stairs and carrying loads to your truck if you can’t get your truck right by the front door.

These questions will help you get a full picture of exactly how much everything will cost, instead of being surprised by extra fees later on. By getting a jumpstart on saving for your move, you won’t have to stress about the costs at the time of your move!

Create a Checklist and Timeline

In the beginning stages, creating a checklist and timeline will help keep you organized through the process. You can list hiring movers and even include each room and the goal for when you want it to be packed by. Setting up a timeline will help you maintain some sanity as you go.

Here are a few things you don’t want to forget on your list: Call the electric, gas, internet, phone, satellite/cable companies to switch your address. You don’t want to be without electricity at your new place or continue to receive a bill at your old residence. These aren’t difficult things to do but they are easily lost in the shuffle. Write them down on your “to do” list.  In addition to those changes, make sure you call any other important companies to let them know about your change of address – Post Office, magazines/newspapers, insurance companies, and anything else you can think of.


Get Help

If you can get some people to help you pack and move, you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed out. That’s because most people tend to work faster when they know they have help. You’ll get the work done twice as quickly because you have two sets of hands, and you’ll work even faster than that because you will be motivated by the positive addition of another person.

All-I-need Kit

Last, but not least, make sure you pack a All-I-need survival kit for your first week at your new place. Unless you are superhuman, you probably won’t unpack all your things the very day you move in. So pack a couple suitcases or boxes of everything you’ll need during those first few days – medicines, a pillow, blankets, clothes, phone charger, laptop, alarm clock, toiletries, silverware, plate, glass, and snacks (unless you plan to eat out until you unpack kitchen items!). I’m sure you can add to this “necessities” list! Everyone has their own specific list of needs.  Like for me, I would need my expresso machine and a coffee cup!

These are the few things I’ve learned about packing and moving over the years. I’d love to hear the things you’ve learned from your own moves! What is the top tip you’ve picked up about moving? Share them below!

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