7 tips to hire a mini truck

7 tips to hire a mini truck

Looking to book a mini-truck.? Well it not that easy!

Hiring a mini truck for moving goods is anything but an easy job. The process starts from visiting your local truck driver, checking for availability of truck, bargaining for reasonable pricing etc. Here you need to completely depend on the driver to safely ship your goods. Not to forget that you may be prone to other issues like improper driving practices, late deliveries, increasing accidents and different rental rates. To help you deal with these challenges involved in hiring here are a few tips that will guide you while you sit to resolve ideas regarding hiring and help you take a wise decision.

1. Go-Online

Why to visit some local Naka if you can get all information online at your finger tips? There are many online aggregator based logistics companies which provide you with a range of services that a local truck rental company may not be able to offer. These aggregators come up with offers, discounts, and referrals on booking thus making the truck booking experience convenient and hassle free. While it is a nice thing to check, compare before hand it is also important not to make the booking process too long. Plan according to the need and also be aware that of the peak time like month end, festivals etc.

2. Professional &Verified drivers

This is a very important point to start with. Always look for a professional driver while booking a mini-truck. It is always safe to have your shipment in hands of an experienced driver who is well versed with the routes and professionally qualified. Please ensure that the driver is equipped with required technical documents and CDL (commercial driver’s license) which acts as a proof that the driver is fit to carry on with the driving. This way you can ensure safety and avoid unnecessary losses.

3. Timing

Have you ever heard the saying that “Time lost is money lost “. Well timing is very critical in this field. Any delay means losing business which is losing money. If the shipment does not happen on time than the aim of hiring is lost. Therefore it is very important that the driver is punctual, vehicle is in good condition and that the goods are delivered on time. It should also be noted On-time delivery is one very critical factor while hiring or choosing a logistics partner.

4. Select the right truck size

Trucks are available in many sizes. It is important to choose the right size of truck for your goods. Popularly known as “Haathi” these trucks are available in smaller sizes to large ones. A small truck usually comes handy for smaller firms or households which usually have one or two rooms. For more goods one should prefer a large truck as they can accommodate more stuff and transfer all goods in one run. The best suggestion would be to hire a combination of sizes to accommodate the goods accordingly or it will be better to check with professionals for the same.

5. Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important elements of the transportation scene. It is advisable to check for the rental rates beforehand. One should try comparing the cost by checking the services and pricing of these aggregators. Some of them have kilometre wise pricing plans whereas some have fixed rates route wise. Some have bidding system for booking while others have load based pricing. You may choose the one that best suits your transporting need. The pricing also changes on the type of truck you need, smaller trucks attract less price while bigger “Haathis” are available for slightly higher pricing.

6. GPS Tracking

In today’s world it is very important to know where your shipment is. Apart from competitive pricing most of the aggregators also provide GPS tracking services to their customers so that they can locate their shipment with ease. If there is any delay happening the same can be rectified quickly. Customers also get notified about their shipments via SMS/email at very stage making the whole process transparent and effective.

7. Customer Reviews

This is in fact one of the best way to find out how a company has been dealing with its customers. It will be really helpful if you research about the previous records of the company dealings and their reviews to know about the credibility of the firm. This will also help you know the trustworthiness of the aggregator in the market so that while you use their services you can be at peace.

These are some key tips which will guide you in the process of booking a mini truck. These will help you in making an effective decision when it comes to making the right choice of hiring a rental truck. Hope these tips help you in choosing a wise aggregator and make your move hassle free.

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