FAQ How to Book a Mini Truck for Transport
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  • Portflip, is a mobile based aggregator for commercial vehicles, providing transparent and convenient platform to customers and partners to keep goods moving. With a fleet of 750+ vehicles, Portflip currently offers its services in Navi Mumbai.

  • How do I join Portflip?

    Thank you for your interest in Portflip. Joining us is very easy. All you need to do is to fill the New Partner Sign Up Form which is available on the Portflip partner page and our Partner Enrolment team will get in touch with you within 48 hrs and guide you with the on-boarding process at Portflip. Alternatively you may also contact our Customer Care team @9987855544 for further guidance.

  • What documents and permits would I need to be a partner on Portflip?

    Here is the list of documents that will be required from your end,

    Vehicle related documents like

    • RC book,
    • Fitness certificate,
    • Insurance, Pollution Control

    Driver documents like:

    • Passport size photo (2)
    • Driving License,
    • Aadhar Card ,
    • PAN card,
    • Bank Details

    Once your documents are ready, our Customer Care team will guide you with the on-boarding process at Portflip.

  • Is there any registration fee to join Portflip?

    No, it’s totally free at the moment but we surely ask for your promise of delivering excellent customer service to our clients.

  • Which type of vehicle one can attach to Portflip?

    Portflip is currently catering to intracity movement of goods and is enrolling the following vehicles: Tata Ace, Tata 407, Pickup 8 Ft, Eicher 17 Ft, Piaggio Ape etc.

  • Will I get regular bookings from Portflip?

    Nice, everybody wants to know what’s in for them before they become part of any venture. Now as you know that we are aggregators for mini trucks and so we have a huge database of clientele who regularly have logistics requirements. Our customer base is increasing day by day and so is their requirement, which means more business for our partners. With around 400+ partners in our team and overall 120+ clients in hand we can assure you regular trips, which will increase your monthly earnings.

  • But how much can I earn every week? Any approximate?

    Portflip is currently catering to iYou can earn as much as you want to! Yes that’s right! Based on your availability, customer feedback and professionalism on our platform, you can earn anywhere up to Rs. 8000 to Rs 12000/- per WEEK. Sometimes even more, so you see everything depends on you. So be active, be professional and nobody can stop you from earning more and achieving your dreamsntracity movement of goods and is enrolling the following vehicles: Tata Ace, Tata 407, Pickup 8 Ft, Eicher 17 Ft, Piaggio Ape etc.

  • How do I get paid?

    Depending on how customers book, Portflip drivers are either directly paid by the customers at the delivery or paid by the Portflip Company. The amount paid is as agreed between Portflip and the drivers.

  • How do I check my earnings & payouts?

    Ah! that’s easy. We have a dedicated and advanced app for our partners and it provides all details pertaining to your orders. You can check the details whenever you want to and in case of any doubt you can always reach our customer care and get assistance.

  • Can I refer my friends and colleagues to join Portflip?

    Of Course Yes! That’s so nice of you. In fact we have decided to reward our partners with “Referral incentives” who help us in getting more new trusted partners on board. After login to your App you will find Refer & Earn section. So when you bring a new partner on board, please do check for the current referral offer going on our website and avail them.

  • Who pays for the toll, if any?

    Don’t worry! Customer pays for toll charges, if any.

  • What happens if truck driver gets a challan?

    Well, if the challan is due to customer’s mistake, then customer is responsible for paying it.

  • What happens if there is a no-entry during certain hours between pickup and drop-off location?

    There is not much we can do about it. Goods delivery will be delayed if there is a no-entry route between pickup and drop-off location. Driver needs to inform the same to Customer Care team who would communicate the same to the Customer.

  • What if the goods carried don’t fully fit in the Mini truck ordered?

    • In such scenario, the Mini truck driver has rights to decline the service.
    • Customer would be informed about the scenario and his Order will be cancelled.
    • Customer would be given option to rebook for a bigger vehicle.
    • If agreed than he/she can do a fresh booking.

  • Which are the locations of operations at the moment?

    We are currently offering services from Navi Mumbai. We will be launching operations in other cities shortly.

  • I have a query/suggestion/ feedback. How I can get in touch with Portflip?

    For any query, you can visit our nearest local office or call our Customer Care team @9987855544.